How to make sure your vote gets counted this November

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A person delivers their return envelope to an official ballot drop box in downtown Los Angeles. Photo by Shutterstock.

Twenty-two million ballots are on their way to physical mailboxes statewide. You may have already gotten yours, and hopefully you aim to figure out who and what you’ll vote for. Then you can mail that ballot back, deposit it into an official ballot drop box (postmarked no later than November 8), or deliver it to any voting location across LA County. You can also vote in-person at a voting location from October 29 to November 8. 

“You don't have to go to a specifically-assigned location near your home. You can go anywhere in the county that's convenient for you. So if it's somewhere close to work, somewhere close to where you drop your kids at daycare, or maybe it is somewhere in your neighborhood. But the idea is that there would be a vote center available to you during that time period,” says Dean Logan, registrar-recorder of LA County. 

If you vote by mail, you can track whether your ballot has been counted through California’s “Where’s My Ballot” online tool. But how secure is the process? 

“This Ballotrax system … allows you to receive notification and actually confirm in a very transparent manner that your ballot has been received and counted. And then even in the counting process, California laws are very transparent. All of our ballot processing is open for observation. We conduct a post-election audit during the canvass period before we certify the election. And all of that is to demonstrate the integrity and security of the voting system.” 

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