Why Hawaiian Gardens residents have a tough time getting vaccinated

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A health worker prepares a COVID vaccine shot at Dodger Stadium, a massive vaccination site in LA County, March 13, 2021. It's 25 miles from Hawaiian Gardens, but frequently it's the closest site with available appointments. Photo by Brian Hardzinski.

Hawaiian Gardens has one of the lowest vaccination rates in LA county — 9%. That’s partly because there aren’t many vaccination sites nearby, and the closest appointments are typically 10 miles away in Downey. There’s been a lot of bureaucracy in trying to set up a vaccination site in Hawaiian Gardens  

“We’ve been asking for these mobile unit sites, and we haven’t received any, and we haven’t received any leads either. So I don’t know. It’s just a waiting game, I guess. ... And we’re left to fend for ourselves in what seems to be like a Wild Wild West situation,” says Hawaiian Gardens Councilmember Myra Maravilla.