Angelenos must soon show vax proof at many indoor public locations, events, city buildings

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A woman at a restaurant shows her digital COVID-19 immunization proof to a waitress. Photo by Shutterstock.

The LA City Council passed a sweeping vaccine mandate today, requiring businesses and city employees to check your vaccine status when entering many indoor public locations, large events, and city buildings. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has signed the ordinance, and it can go into effect as soon as the first week of November, though the city won’t actually start enforcing it until November 29. Individual businesses can take up the rules at any time. Reporter Benjamin Gottlieb explains how the rules work, who they apply to, and why this is happening now. 

Plus, an LA theater company examines veterans’ feelings about the Afghanistan War in its play “The Ninth Door.” And after 63 years behind the microphone, the LA Dodgers’ longtime Spanish language broadcaster Jaime Jarrín announced that next year will be his last.