‘Lonesome for LA’: An ode to the City of Angels by Bruce Lloyd Kates

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Bruce Lloyd Kates says when it comes to writing music about LA, he turns to nostalgia. Photo courtesy of Bruce Lloyd Kates.

Retired piano technician Bruce Lloyd Kates, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, wrote a song to underscore how special the hodgepodge of sprawl really is. “Lonesome for LA” is an ode to LA.

“I went into a lot of homes, and met people of every sort and was able to get to know about their lives,” he says. “I’m just very rooted here. If I go somewhere, whether it be Paris or Quebec, it only takes me about a day or so before I feel that pull to go back to my home.”

The 77 year old calls his style of writing and composing "Neo-Tin Pan Alley" because it harkens back to a bygone era.

“LA is not an easy place to write about because, in contrast to other big cities, there isn't a central core idea. What are you going to write about — Pershing Square?” he says. “So my central core idea is simply my nostalgia.”