Huntington Beach’s Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz steps down amid backlash

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Huntington Beach in Orange County has garnered national attention over the past year because of objections to many COVID-19 safety protocols like mask-wearing. And now, one of the most prominent voices in the protests of COVID-19 safety guidelines is resigning from political office. 

Former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz announced that he was stepping down from his position of mayor pro tem after a six-month tenure. That’s because of what he calls a backlash from some community members, political opponents, and the media. 

The City Council has 60 days to appoint someone to the seat, but there is internal disagreement on who that would be. The Huntington Beach City Council nominated and unanimously approved that Councilmember Barbara Delgleize is the new mayor pro tem until December 2021.