LA without sports during COVID-19: What are sports writers and analysts to do?

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Athletes and teams haven’t really been playing sports because they’re not getting anywhere near one another, and the leagues have postponed or canceled their seasons. 

President Trump over the weekend talked to all the commissioners of major league sports, and told reporters at the White House that there will come a time — who knows when — that fans will get back in the stands. 

“Whenever we’re ready. I mean, as soon as we can, obviously. And the fans want to be back too. You know, they want to see basketball and baseball and football and hockey. They want to see their sports. They want to go out onto the golf courses and breathe nice, clean, beautiful fresh air,” he said.

In the meantime, there are things to talk about in the sports world, right? We check in with a sports columnist, plus a co-host of a sports radio show.