The Bite LA, Haunted Hayride: Your guide to celebrating a spooky and safe Halloween 2020


Picture this: The sun has just gone down, and you’re driving in your car, crawling through the dark of early night. Few lights barely illuminate the road ahead.

The cool evening breeze flows through your open car windows as you pull up to the Fishman’s Domain. His seahorse-adorned throne lies empty — when all of a sudden a silmy underwater creature creeps to your window with a box of yummy goodies. 

Welcome to The Bite LA. It’s one of the dozens of immersive but socially distanced Halloween experiences that are popping up across Southern California. 

Created by Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Veterans Melissa and Justin Meyer, The Bite LA employs a high horror fantasy theme. 

“As you drive through, there's a lot of traditional Halloween elemental things like pumpkins and jack o' lanterns, but then there's also very strange HR Giger-esque scenes,” Justin Meyer says. 

With a “creature safari,” eight-stand food crawl manned by costumed actors, and a Virtual Campfire with live-action short scary movies and music videos, guests can find a slice of campy, Halloween goodness at the Bite LA from the safety of their cars. 

The Bite LA - Whittier Narrows

Dates: Thursdays through Sundays through November 1

Price: $43 per person

Check out other socially distanced Halloween events below:

The Haunted Barnyard - Santa Clarita

Dates: October 22-23, 27-31st, November 5-6

Price: Starts at $29 per person

Are you ready to drive through areas like the Zombie Infested Graveyard and Haunted Woods?  Like The Bite LA, The Haunted Barnyard is a drive-through experience, and will use original music and narrators to help build the Halloween ambience inside the car. 

“It's going to set the stage for a character named Isabella … who is having these nightmares,” says Jay Weiner, co-founder of the Gentle Barns. “So it's kind of like you're driving through the expression of her mind.” 

The Banyard is also working with Hollywood makeup and special effects artists, as well as set designer Jim Hewett. 

The event is organized by nonprofit The Gentle Barns, and proceeds from the event will go to help support the organization. 

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - San Dimas

Dates: Nightly through November 1

Price: Starts at $49 for two people 

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride has been building scary immersive experiences since 2009. But this year, instead of riding through different scenes on a tractor-pulled hay trailer, visitors will sit in their car during the event. Starting at the “Defunct Midnight Drive-in Theater,” the show will include short scary films and other multimedia shows. 

Halloween at Descanso - La Cañada Flintridge

Dates: Sold out for non-members. Open to Descanso Gardens members anytime. 

Price: Free for members

If you’re looking to ditch the car and get outdoors, Halloween at Descanso Gardens could be your place to go. With 150 acres of gardens and woodlands, visitors can socially distance and enjoy differently pumpkin-themed displays across the venue. That includes areas such as the Camellia Forest, and the Oak Grove. 

All visitors are encouraged to wear costumes, and are required to wear masks while on premises. 

Tunnel of Terror - Huntington Beach

Dates: October 22-24 (sold-out), October 25, 27-30

Price: Starts at $20 per car

If you’re dying for a car wash, the Tunnel of Terror might be for you. Visitors will travel through a haunted tunnel while getting a car wash, with the help of some ghosts and ghouls. 

Due to its popularity, tickets must be bought online.