Tackling climate change requires changing our emotions, says seismologist Lucy Jones

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At a climate rally in London, an activist holds a sign that says, “If you are not angry, you are not paying attention.” Photo by AVM Images/Shutterstock.

Earth Day is an annual reminder that everyone can help protect the planet. Lucy Jones — seismologist, author, and musician — is trying to inspire people to do more by tapping into their emotions. She wrote a song to synthesize climate change data going back nearly a century and a half. She sees music as a way to help people understand the real threat of climate change. 

“We need to feel angry about it,” she says. “We need pride in addressing it … instead of just despair at ‘what can I do?’ And so it is an emotional change we need in our society to really deal with climate change. And what is music but a way to inspire emotion?”