Advice columnist helps you get acclimated to LA

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I Moved to LA and I Hate It!” That’s a recent headline from New York Magazine’s Ask Polly column. There’s certainly a lot to hate about LA: air pollution, traffic, high rents. But there’s a lot to love: the beach, good food, good weather. So what to do when you’re an Angeleno who hates their own town? 

Heather Havrilesky, who writes the “Ask Polly” column for The Cut, suggests you may have to be patient in embracing the city. “Los Angeles is filled with really interesting amazing people, but it takes a long time to get to understand how to get to know them and to understand who they are.”

She adds that the perception of the city doesn’t necessarily sync up with who actually lives and thrives here. “LA is a place that is very friendly to all kinds of different weirdos. It seems kind of mainstream and sort of average. And then you scratch the surface, and there are just freaks everywhere. And everyone loves oddballs in this town. It’s actually an easy place to meet interesting people and connect with them.” 

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