Risky Business: LA’s private club for fully vaccinated people

Without masks or social distancing, people enjoy drinks at Risky Business, a private bar in North Hollywood. Photo by Jonathan Katz.

Risky Business is a private club in North Hollywood for fully vaccinated people, where people can drink and mingle without wearing masks or social distancing. At least 1,000 people have signed up to become members of this bar, which aims to achieve a sense of normalcy and safety.

“There are no rules related to masks. There are no rules related to distancing. There is none of that,” says co-owner Ari Schindler. “This is a normal place. And it's made normal by the fact that there is 100% vaccination. It's really that simple.” 

The bar has received mixed reactions since its unveiling. Some were happy, while others deemed the businesses owners irresponsible or discriminatory. 

But newly minted members are ecstatic. Crisanta Melendez says, “It feels good. It feels free. Unrestricted. It feels pre-COVID, almost like a different time. Here we have this very relaxed [space]. It almost feels wrong, but in a good way.”