Watching the Israel election from LA


Israel may be several thousand miles away, but Angelenos from all walks of life are keeping a close watch on the results of that nation's parliamentary elections. After all, Los Angeles is home to some of the largest Jewish and Palestinian communities in the world.

“A lot of the LA Jewish community cares about what the next chapter of this evolving Jewish state looks like,” says Zev Opos, who is involved in local Jewish life.

That next chapter will either see Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in power or stand before a court of law. He is facing possible charges of corruption and bribery.

Either way, the results will also have a profound impact on Palestinians, both abroad and in Los Angeles, even though many cannot vote in the election.

For Saree Makdisi, a professor at UCLA, what is important is changing the narrative surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not necessarily Israeli leadership.

"There is not really much of a difference between the candidates. The difference is in the packaging, rather than in the substance."

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