Water Drop LA brings water to Skid Row’s unhoused residents

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Water Drop LA, founded by USC students Aria Cataño and Catie Cummings, has been delivering more than 1,000 gallons of water every Sunday to Skid Row residents since mid-July. Photo by Angel Carreras

Skid Row has about 4,700 unhoused residents, and it’s tough for them to find clean water. And so, a group of USC students and volunteers has been delivering water to Skid Row every Sunday since mid-July. The group is known as Water Drop LA, and they’ve already collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. 

“It's really important that when we go into these spaces, we're not going into them with the savior complex,” says cofounder Aria Cataño. “We're not looking at this as a solution or as our one good deed for the day. What we try to emphasize with our volunteers is that this is part of your community.”