Visiting a Culver City voting center on Super Tuesday


Angelenos vote at the Veterans Memorial Complex in Culver City, March 3, 2020. Photo by Angel Carreras.

It’s primary election day in California and 13 other states (plus one territory). In LA County, about 1000 voting centers are open until 8 PM. Some centers actually ran out of paper for the new ballot machines. Others were reporting long lines and limited bandwidth for their servers. 

Culver City’s Veterans Memorial Complex turned into a voting center, and lines were out the door since 7 AM. Reporter Angel Carreras went there, and one poll worker asked him, “Please tell them it's not as bad as it looks.  Please!” 

Voters at the Veterans Complex shared their experiences: 

Corey Mintz, a 37-year-old graphic designer, expressed concerns about hacking: “I’m a little bit worried sometimes when you cast a ballot that’s tallied digitally. Just because of the last election, [it] makes you a little bit more vulnerable.”

Laura Hubbard, a 28-year-old curriculum developer, liked the new voting machines: "I'm used to waiting like four hours. This was surprisingly fast."

Geetika Lizardi, screenwriter, voted for Elizabeth Warren: "She's proven. She has a track record. She's a fighter. She's an incredible woman. I wish she ran four years ago." 

Lizardi added that if Warren doesn't get the nomination, she'll support whoever the Democratic candidate is. "Trump is not an option,” she said.