How to reduce your plastic waste in LA

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Maybe you have a reusable water bottle, and bring your own bags to the farmers market or grocery store. But even environmentally conscious people often buy plastic shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, or laundry detergent jugs. How can you effectively reduce plastic consumption without taking too much time or money out of your busy life?

“Look around your household and see what plastic items still remain,” said Leslie Campbell, owner of Sustain LA. “Refills are a great opportunity to eliminate longer term single use items. Your laundry jug is great, it’s been designed to dispense laundry liquid really well, and it’s silly we toss it out after one use. So finding a place where you can refill those items you use everyday is a great alternative.”

Where to buy plastic-free goods:

  • Recontained in Venice carries bulk skincare, household cleaning and pet supplies as well as plastic free containers

  • Sustain LA in Highland Park carries bulk beauty and cleaning projects

  • Refillery LA is a mobile refill station that services West LA neighborhoods

  • Wild Terra in Highland Park carries bulk herbs, teas and spices

  • Co+oportunity in Culver City and Santa Monica carries bulk items

  • Sprouts carries bulk grains, nuts, dried fruit, etc. 

  • You can find bulk cleaning and health supplies at the Hollywood and Atwater Village Farmers Market 




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