Six Flags reopens: Some feel uplifting energy, others leave early due to crowds and anxiety

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Six Flags recently reopened at reduced capacity. Guests still formed long lines, and not everyone maintained social distancing. Photo by Angel Carreras.

Six Flags Magic Mountain welcomed visitors again this past weekend as theme parks got the green light to reopen due to reduced COVID-19 case numbers.

“I can just feel the energy and it's ... uplifting and therapeutic to me,” said one employee. 

Maria Cruz visited with her husband and kids from the San Fernando Valley. “We're like, ‘Finally we get to breathe a little bit.’ [But] it’s not what I expected. I think it's too busy, I think the lines are extremely long. The waiting time is too much,” she said. 

Meanwhile, other park goers were happy and hopeful. “California is kind of progressing forward and kind of getting through this [pandemic]. Obviously, you want everyone to stay safe, but I’m just excited to be here. It's like a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Triston Partida.