Gathering with unvaxxed family for holiday? How to maintain safety and peace

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“It's a denial that this [continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic] is happening because it's too overwhelming to face,” Patricia O’Gorman says. “When I think about it that way, it allows me to have empathy for the person who won't be vaccinated, as opposed to rage.” Photo by Shutterstock.

If you’re skeptical about gathering with unvaccinated family members over the holidays, a clinical psychologist offers suggestions to help avoid uncomfortable confrontations. 

The Pasadena Model Railroad Museum in El Sereno features hand-made miniature mountains, lakes, train stations and towns. Its next open house is December 18-19, 2021.

Kevin Goetz’s new book, “Audience-ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love,” explains how focus groups watch a rough cut of a new film and give their honest opinions so directors and studios can not just salvage their blunders, but possibly turn them into hits.