Trashy Lingerie: How has the LA store stayed open for 50 years?

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“People come in and they say, ‘It's for me,’ they're not ashamed or embarrassed or intimidated,” says Randy Shrier, owner of Trashy Lingerie. Photo courtesy of Randy Shrier.

A bright pink store sits at the corner of La Cienega and Oakwood, just up the street from the Beverly Center. It’s the site of Trashy Lingerie, a business that sells and makes lingerie, costumes, and all kinds of other intimate goods. What began in 1973 as a shoe store is now an LA institution that’s made a mark on fashion and entertainment. Fashion is a fickle business, so staying around that long is no small achievement.

Randy Shrier, who is now a second generation designer at Trashy Lingerie, says they’ve managed to stick around by being more “nimble” than their bigger competitors. “We have manufactured everything on the premises ever since the very beginning. So we have designers and seamstresses on the site,” he shares. “Sometimes inspiration can come from a swatch of fabric, a goofy idea, whatever it may be. And then we just put pen to paper and sketch something out. And then we start developing it, and then sometimes we can get it done by the end of the day.”