By the numbers: Facts from the high seas

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Number of ships at sea: 41,752
Number of those ships flying the American flag: 78
Number flying the Liberian flag: 4,000
Percentage of all Americans who have taken a cruise in their lives: 60
Annual profits of Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise operator in the world: $1.8 billion

Percentage of all seafarers who are Filipino: 25
Percentage of their salary that overseas Filipino workers are required by their government to send back to the Philippines: 80
Amount of remittances from Filipino seafarers in 2004: $1.2 billion
Amount of remittances from Filipino seafarers in 2014: $5.5 billion

Year the Philippine Government adopted arbitration into the collective bargaining agreements  of its overseas workers: 1995
Year the Filipino government passed the Seafarers Protection Act, which makes it illegal for anyone to help a ship worker pursue a legal “claim against … employers for the purpose of recovery of monetary claim or benefit, including legal interest, arising from accident, illness or death, in exchange of an amount or fee”: 2015
Number of times “ambulance chasing” appears in the Philippine Seafarers Protection Act: 6
Years of prison time one can serve if found guilty of “ambulance chasing”: 2

Compensation a Filipino seafarer is entitled to for losing a foot above the ankle, according to the contract he or she must sign to work on a ship: $25,000
Compensation for losing hearing in one ear: $7,400
Compensation for losing two external ears: $16,700
Compensation for losing one big toe: $5,225

Number of Filipinos Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines announced this year they will hire in next five years: 30,000