Josh Barro says farewell to Left, Right & Center

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LRC host, Josh Barro. Photo by Brian Feinzimer.

Welcome to Josh Barro’s final episode as host of Left, Right & Center. It’s a special episode with some of our most frequent panelists to close out 2021 and Josh’s seven-year run as host. 

A lot has changed in the last seven years, and weirdly, a lot hasn’t. In this episode, you’ll hear clips from Josh’s first episode as host of Left, Right & Center in which he moderates a discussion of vaccine policy, mandates and vaccine skepticism. Can’t make this up! Back then, the issue was contentious but not hyper partisan. You’ll also hear Josh moderate a discussion about Donald Trump declaring his candidacy for president in 2015. It’s…a lot. LRC regulars Megan McArdle, Tim Carney, David Dayen and Keli Goff talk with Josh about how the Trump presidency and the pandemic have changed American politics and how the parties have changed, or failed to change, along with it. To mark this very transformative period for American politics and for Left, Right & Center too, Josh and the panelists make predictions about what the next seven years hold for us.



  • David Dayen - executive editor at The American Prospect, on the left - @ddayen
  • Keli Goff - Fill-in host, KCRW’s 'Left, Right & Center;' columnist, Daily Beast; former host, WNYC's 'Political Party with Keli Goff' - @keligoff


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