North Korea Crosses a Line — This Time, it’s the Border

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The leaders of North Korea and South Korea held a major summit, with Kim Jong-Un setting foot in the south for the first time ever. They say they will work toward a peace treaty, so is Donald Trump’s strategy for the Korean Peninsula working?

French President Emmanuel Macron — the “Trump whisperer” — came to Washington for a state visit, and to talk about the Iran nuclear deal.

The president’s physician is no longer being considered to be the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Veterans reporter Nikki Wentling talks about the names that might come up next. Plus, Amy Chozick reflects on the 2016 Clinton campaign and how her new memoir Chasing Hillary has been received. Finally, the panel talks to Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery about why we’re not seeing as much coverage of police violence against black Americans now — the short answer? Because it’s been really busy. And Kanye is tweeting his support for the president! (We talk about that too.)

Photo credit: Jorge Silva/Reuters.