Will rift over migrant crisis lead to trouble or solutions?

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A man carries a sign that says "Employment Authorization Now" at a rally in Foley Square in New York City to advocate for work permits for asylum seekers. Photo credit: Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says the city is struggling to support 110,000 migrants who have arrived there in the last year. He’s called for support from the federal government. Republicans have taken a victory lap as the Democratic mayor’s comments have caused a rift on the left. Will politics or policy win in the search for a solution?

A recently elected state Supreme Court judge in Wisconsin is being threatened with impeachment just a month after being sworn in. Republicans in the state legislature say that Justice Janet Protasiewicz should recuse herself from cases involving controversial congressional maps after she was critical of the issue during her campaign. Will calls for recusal or removal prevent an independent judiciary from doing its job?

Google and the Department of Justice are going head to head in an antitrust suit that began this week. Google says its dominance over the search engine market is earned. The government says not quite. Will they have trouble making their case?

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