Senate v. CIA and Climate Change

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A behind-the-scenes fight between the United States Senate and the Central Intelligence Agency erupted on the Senate floor this week. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat and head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, accused the CIA of spying on Senate staffers. CIA director John Brennan fired back and accused Senate staffers of illegally obtaining classified documents. There's a libertarian-conservative split between Ron Paul and senators like John McCain on our involvement in Ukraine. Senate Democrats held an all-nighter talking about climate change, but did nothing about it, perhaps driven by some big-money donors like California billionaire Tom Steyer. And in a special election in Florida, one lousy candidate beats another lousy candidate -- now Democrats are worried about the midterms.

Joining Robert Scheer (L), are Reid Wilson (Washington Post GovBeat, formerly Hotline editor-in-chief), moderating from the Center, and Rich Lowry (National Review) on the Right. 



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