Shooting Rampage in Colorado

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In Aurora, Colorado a heavily armed gunman in full body armor opened fire in a packed movie theater, killing a dozen people and wounding scores of others. On the campaign trail, both candidates spoke with emotion about the need for national unity in a moment of national tragedy and then cancelled the rest of their Friday campaign events. The issue of gun control -- or gun-owners rights, depending on your view -- hasn't been high on the candidates' list of preferred talking points this year. Maybe that's because tragedies like the one that unfolded in the Colorado multi-plex point to a problem without an obvious policy culprit. Was it Colorado's comparatively liberal gun laws? Lax enforcement of existing law? A mental health policy deficit? We explore that issue as well as the questions raised by the raising of questions about Mitt Romney's Bain Capital years. (Is Bain a verb yet? Is Romney being 'Bained?') We also ask whether poll workers should be asking for some ID. (NPR's Mike Pesca sits in for Matt Miller and Matt Lewis, commentator and blogger for the Daily Caller, joins us on the Right.)



Jacob Conrad