Should Trump criticize the judicial branch?

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Judges have blocked parts of President Trump’s immigration ban and he hit back on Twitter calling one of them a so-called judge. Should the President criticize and challenge judicial rulings or should we give the judiciary branch complete authority? "I think it is entirely legitimate for a president to criticize a judge," Rich Lowry said. "The problem is he is using language that is designed to erode public confidence in the institution as a whole," said Robert Reich. Should the fiasco be blamed on a rocky transition? "This is the worst and most bizarre transition I have ever seen," Reich said. President Trump also criticized Nordstrom for dropping his daughter's clothing line. 

Josh Barro (Business Insider) moderates from the Center. Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. On the Left is Robert Reich (University of California Berkeley, former Secretary of Labor, 1993-97). Megan McArdle (Bloomberg View) is our special guest.