The Politics of Vaccines, You're Hired, Unrest in the Ukraine

The Measles outbreak grew with five more cases in a Chicago daycare this week. All of the children were too young to be vaccinated. Now that scientific debate has subsided over the safety of vaccines, should parents be required to vaccinate their children? Tim Carney says there's a been a loss of public trust in government and the elites, leading more people to reject vaccination recommendations. Chrystia Freeland concurs, sighting a study by Edelman, showing that people have more distrust for technical and medical innovation. Bob Scheer warns not to demonize people who question authority. A blockbuster jobs report shows a million new jobs were created in the last three months. Are they good jobs with increasing wages? The leaders of Germany and France prepare to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Ukraine. Will there be progress? Radio Shack gets overshadowed by the Internet and declares bankruptcy. Josh Barro sees it as positive disruptive innovation in the economy.

This week, Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. Robert Scheer ( is on the Left, Tim Carney (Washington Examiner) on the Right. Chrystia Freeland (Canadian Member of Parliament) rounds out the Center.

Photo: hdptcar