The Thirteen Percent Solution?

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With his selection of Paul Ryan for a running mate, Mitt Romney changed the subject away from his taxes, right? Umm. Well, at least no more jokes about that family vacation, when he drove with the family dog on the roof of the family car, right? Uhhh. The Ryan pick actually did the change the subject; this week the candidates' competing visions for the future of Medicare eclipsed most of their other competing visions, and Romney did throw a bone to his income tax inquisitors, telling reporters on the tarmac at a South Carolina campaign stop that he'd paid at least 13 percent of his income in taxes the past ten years. So, that settles it. Right? Umm.

Joining Matt Miller this week on the Left is former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, sitting in for Robert Scheer, who’s away one more week. On the Right, James Glassman, Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute at George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Banner image: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R) stands with Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) after Romney introduced Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate during a campaign event in Norfolk, Virginia August 11, 2012. Photo: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton