How the family of George Floyd is processing the national response to his death

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Rev. Shane Harris is with the San Diego-based People’s Alliance for Justice, a national human/civil rights organization. Harris recently visited the family of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He shares how members of Floyd’s family — and the local community — are doing. 

“The family of George Floyd has privately and publicly been calling for us to be strategic about our protest and be strategic about where we are trying to go with this movement,” he says. 

Harris adds, “They are trying to process exactly where to go. We have things that we worry about as far as what does the future hold for reform of these injustices that happened across the country? They are worried about their own family, and how to bring everybody together and … paying for funeral costs and paying for personal costs … where the memorials and funerals and all that is [sic] going to be. So they are over-buried with everything that is going on personally, and then having to process this in public.”

Harris has also been in contact with people in San Diego and talks about their reactions. 




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