9/11 Lawsuits, New York Fashion Week, and 'The Second Mother'

Today marks 14 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center. Lower Manhattan has slowly come back to life, last year One World Trade Center finally opened for business at the site. But the legal consequences are ongoing.

And New York Fashion Week launched yesterday, and it’s under new management. The talent agency IMG, which runs New York Fashion Week, was acquired by William Morris Endeavor two years ago. WME/IMG now runs 13 Fashion Weeks.

Then, it’s not even October yet, but it feels like Halloween at the movies—three scary films come out in theaters this weekend.

Finally, The Second Mother is the story of middle-aged live-in housekeeper in an upscale Brazilian home. It’s a stark example of the strange relationship that exists with people who live in our houses and take care of our children.

Banner Image: New York City skyline, including the new One World Trade Center building; Credit: lkaloti