A Day in the Life of a Woman on Skid Row

 Los Angeles County elected officials have called the homeless crisis a humanitarian disaster. About 47,000 people are living on the streets. But who are these men and women? Press Play producer Anna Scott recently spent a day on Skid Row with a woman named Dawn Lee Ghan. Ghan is among a growing number of women finding themselves homeless in LA. What are social service providers doing to help this particularly vulnerable segment of LA’s homeless population? Then, the latest terrorist attack in Turkey has further shaken the country’s carefully-curated image as a liberal beacon among Islamic countries. What impact will it have on Turkey’s fragile EU prospects? Next, Claire Hoffman joins Press Play to talk about her childhood in a Transcendental Meditation community, which is the subject of her new book titled, “Utopia Park: Surviving a Transcendent Childhood.” And finally, “Tangerine” star Mya Taylor says goodbye to Donut Time.

Photo: Dawn Lee Ghan Credit: Anna Scott