CA prison suicides, music psychology, ‘Succession’ shocker

More than 200 inmates in California have died by suicide over the past eight years, says Don Thompson, a freelance reporter for Kaiser Health News. Credit: Shutterstock.

California is paying hefty fines for its handling of suicides at state prisons. A federal judge says corrections officials have long failed to fully implement court-ordered suicide prevention measures.

Two federal judges handed down conflicting rulings on Friday over the abortion drug mifepristone. It could set up a Supreme Court showdown.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t disclose lavish gifts from a billionaire donor. The LA Times' David Savage flagged their relationship two decades ago.

How long does it take before you change the station or hit “skip” if you don’t like a song? Seconds — according to researchers at New York University.

A pivotal moment just happened for the Roy family. James Poniewozik, chief TV critic for the New York Times, unpacks it. Warning: major spoilers ahead.