Scott Wiener: Threatening elected officials degrades democracy

An empty Senate chamber in the California State Capitol building is seen on May 31, 2014. “Politics can be toxic enough as it is, and then you throw on the threats and the potential violence? It's no wonder that some people decide to take a pass, and that again is really bad for democracy,” says California State Senator Scott Weiner. Photo by Shutterstock.

State Senator Scot Wiener has received thousands of death threats over the last few years. He says there’s little security for the majority of Congress members.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in two big affirmative action cases, including one from the University of North Carolina, where plaintiffs allege the school discriminated against Asian and white applicants.

The new opera “Omar” tells the real story of Omar ibn Said, a man who was taken in 1807 from what’s now Senegal, and was enslaved in North and South Carolina.

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