Oscar contender ‘Stranger at the Gate’ focuses on PTSD, religion, common ground

“Stranger at the Gate” focuses on military veteran Mac McKinney, who planned to bomb a mosque but ultimately became the president there and converted to Islam. Credit: YouTube.

The Oscar-nominated documentary short “Stranger at the Gate” focuses on a military veteran who planned to bomb a mosque, but ultimately became its president as he converted to Islam.

Tens of thousands are protesting an overhaul of Mexico’s election laws that critics say would cripple its independent election watchdog and threaten its democracy.

In LA, road rage is the worst it’s been in a decade and has become more violent, according to number crunching from the news outlet Crosstown.

KCRW’s beloved annual event will be on April 30 at UCLA, where bakers, pie aficionados, and families can compete, taste, shop, learn, and hang out.