What Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan means for California

A Toyota Prius is plugged in at a public charging station in downtown Los Angeles. President Biden’s new infrastructure plan includes money for building more electric vehicle charging stations. Photo by Amy Ta/KCRW

President Biden unveiled his $2 trillion infrastructure plan on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, which Congress would have to approve. He wants to pay for it mostly by raising taxes on corporations. The plan includes money to improve roads, bridges, and public transportation. There will be billions for manufacturing electric vehicles, building charging stations, and converting more school buses and mail trucks to electric.

California is one of the states that could benefit from the national plan. It would receive tax incentives and provide residents with federal rebates for electric vehicles, says Alan Ohnsman, LA-based reporter who covers transportation and technology for Forbes. 

“[The rebate] would be [a] point of sale. So in California, you could knock like 10 grand off the cost of a new vehicle. So suddenly, a $40,000 or $50,000 vehicle becomes way more affordable to more people,” he says.