Black Friday: James McBride’s novel, Chicago Bulls series, Aloe Blacc’s music

“This particular album was more like I'm going to make a bunch of songs, and then I'm going to compile the songs that deliver the message that I want to deliver for this time. And that was a message about connection, togetherness, family, love, compassion. And I was able to do that without having to think about whether or not there's going to be market success,” says Aloe Blacc. Photo by Zach Bell

On this day after Thanksgiving, Press Play rebroadcasts some favorite interviews from the last few months. James McBride talks about his latest novel, “Deacon King Kong,” which is set in a Brooklyn housing project much like the one where he was raised. Director Jason Hehir’s “The Last Dance” is a documentary series about how Micheal Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six championships in the 1990s. Aloe Blacc came out with “All Love Everything” in October — his first new album in seven years.