‘Emma’: Snotty incarnation of Jane Austen’s character

Our critics review “Emma,” the fourth movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s comedy novel about finding love; “Call of the Wild,” about a sled dog from California who has to survive the wild Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s; “Seberg,” a biopic of the actress Jean Seberg, starring Kristen Stewart.

“Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma is maybe the snottiest incarnation of this character that I have seen yet, and I was really into that,” says Dave White, film reviewer for The Wrap. 

The star of the movie is a dog named Buck. The dog is animated, a choice that film critic Alonso Duralde does not agree with: “You just never buy this dog -- ever. … He’s in every shot.”

“Kristen Stewart, as always, is terrific. She takes films that are problematic/mediocre/trashy and elevates them all the time,” Dave White says.

Alsonso Duralde recommends a documentary about Jean Seberg instead. It’s called “From the Journals of Jean Seberg,” it’s available on DVD. “It is a fascinating look at her career, her activism, what the government did to her and why,” he says.