‘Emma’: Snotty incarnation of Jane Austen’s character

Anya Taylor-Joy as "Emma Woodhouse" and Johnny Flynn as "’George Knightley" in “Emma.” Courtesy of Box Hill Films.

Our critics review “Emma,” the fourth movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s comedy novel about finding love; “Call of the Wild,” about a sled dog from California who has to survive the wild Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s; “Seberg,” a biopic of the actress Jean Seberg, starring Kristen Stewart.

“Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma is maybe the snottiest incarnation of this character that I have seen yet, and I was really into that,” says Dave White, film reviewer for The Wrap. 

The star of the movie is a dog named Buck. The dog is animated, a choice that film critic Alonso Duralde does not agree with: “You just never buy this dog -- ever. … He’s in every shot.”

“Kristen Stewart, as always, is terrific. She takes films that are problematic/mediocre/trashy and elevates them all the time,” Dave White says.

Alsonso Duralde recommends a documentary about Jean Seberg instead. It’s called “From the Journals of Jean Seberg,” it’s available on DVD. “It is a fascinating look at her career, her activism, what the government did to her and why,” he says.