Preparing for heat waves, the downsides of LED lights

What are the warning signs of heat-related illnesses? “It could be something as simple as feeling a bit dehydrated, or feeling tired, or feeling just a little bit too hot,” says UCLA Heat Lab Director Bharat Venkat. “What I say to folks is that if you start to feel a little bit uncomfortable, take a minute and pause and consider: What are your surroundings? Are you in a place that's hotter? Do you have a way of getting cooler? Can you drink water? Can you put on lighter clothes? Can you go be with others in a place that is cooler?” Photo by Shutterstock.

Parts of LA are headed for triple-digit temperatures, and not everyone can access A/C or afford it. What can we do — on a policy and individual level — to stay safe?

Cities are adopting LED bulbs for streetlights, billboards, and stadiums. But they create a lot of light pollution, obscuring stars and disrupting our sleep patterns.

An Oklahoma judge has dismissed a reparations lawsuit filed by the last three survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

A new podcast digs into the crimes of Ed Buck, the political donor who abused gay men in West Hollywood. The show also delves into LA’s underground world of “party and play.”

Emmy nominations are out — “Succession” leads with 27. Meanwhile, the writers’ strike is in week 10, and the Screen Actors Guild might strike on Thursday.