Commuter Train Safety and Sexual Assault Allegations at Bikram Yoga

Early this morning, a Metrolink commuter train derailed after crashing into a truck on the tracks in Oxnard, injuring 28 people. We look at Metrolink’s accident and safety records. Then, prices are up at Disneyland: We look at the economics of amusement parks, and an auction of Disneyland memorabilia happening next weekend. Next, in two recent, high-profile cases of police officers killing suspects -- in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York -- grand juries decided not to prosecute the officers involved. Is it time to handle these cases differently? We hear about a California State Senator’s new bill. And finally, the founder of Bikram yoga is facing sexual assault lawsuits. What are the cases alleging, and how did Bikram Choudhury turn an ancient discipline into a multi-million dollar empire?

Banner Image: Bikram Choudhury leading a class at Bikram's Yoga College of India in San Diego