A Disney Auction

A book of eight tickets to Disneyland would have set you back $2.50 when the theme park opened 60 years ago. You can’t get original prices anymore, but you can buy one of those original ticket books, and whole lot of other Disneyland stuff, next weekend. There’ll be an auction of original memorabilia in a little storefront called the Van Eaton Gallery on Ventura Boulevard in Encino. The place is full of costumes, characters, signs, and props, all of it from Disneyland. Some of the souvenirs date back to the day it opened in 1955. We learn about what’s on sale.

Eric J. Lawrence poses with children from It's a Small World.

An opening day program signed by Walt Disney is also for sale at the auction.

This little devil from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is Eric J. Lawrence's favorite item at the auction.

Two Disney fans, Kayla and David, pose with a skeleton from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Photo Credit: Matt Holzman