What can you do — and not do — when fully vaccinated against COVID?

The Anaheim Convention Center serves as a mass coronavirus vaccination site in Orange County, California. The marquee says “I got the shot.” March 19, 2021. Photo by Laura Kondourajian/KCRW

About 46 million Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — some 18% of all U.S. adults — according to the Centers for Disease Control. California state data says about 17% of residents here are fully vaccinated. 

As more people get their shots and more businesses reopen, a lot of people want to know: Now what? How much of our lives can we resume? We can go to the movie theater, go to the gym, and eat at a restaurant indoors — but should we? 

KCRW asked listeners to send questions about what you should and shouldn’t do once you’re fully vaccinated. To help answer them, we turn to Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease researcher at UC San Francisco; Joseph Allen from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health; and Omai Garner of the UCLA Health System.