California reopens today. Here’s what listeners don’t want to change

LA residents relax on the lawn outside the Griffith Observatory, which has been closed for more than a year because of the pandemic. June 5, 2021. Photo by Caleigh Wells/KCRW

KCRW’s Press Play asked audience members to share one habit they’ve picked up in the past year that they hope to keep. More than 120 responses flooded our voicemail, email inbox, and social media direct messages.

“Where I might be concerned about what suit I'm going to wear to work, I don’t care about that anymore. … Now I can spend more time feeling relaxed, being outdoors, talking to my children who just went away to college this year,” says Ann van Winkle, who lives near Century City.

Del Rey resident Joslyn Treece says she hasn’t felt the pressure to hide or push through trauma. She says she hopes she can continue to be vulnerable with her friends and community.

Multiple people want to continue working from home, or getting their groceries delivered. Some other honorable mentions include having small dinner parties, painting nails, and ditching bras.