Some schools stay open as COVID hits record numbers

Lt. Youngmi Kim, an internal medicine resident assigned to Naval Medical Center San Diego's (NMCSD) Intensive Care Unit (ICU), dons personal protective equipment before a procedure in the hospital's ICU, November 2, 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many facets of health care are conducted. Photo by Navy Medicine/Public Domain.

California on Monday recorded its highest number of new cases since the pandemic began — more than 13,000. Most of the state is now in the most restrictive tier in the governor’s reopening plan. 

But some schools will be able to stay open. “The logic to it is that schools are not necessarily where people are spreading the virus, and that the harm of keeping students out of school is so significant that it is worth some degree of risk,” says LA Times education reporter Howard Blume.

KCRW also fact-checks how COVID-19 spreads, and learns about dogs that are able to sniff out the virus at airports and other public places.