‘Next Gen’ COVID vaccines, dairy industry’s existential crisis

“The vaccines that have been with us these past couple of years are still providing good protection against severe disease and death, but they have not curbed COVID — far from it. And then there are many … immunocompromised, elderly Americans who don't have as many tools to protect them because the virus has evolved and challenged what we have available,” says Dan Diamond, Washington Post reporter investigating health politics and policy. Photo by Shutterstock.

The White House is launching a $5 billion program to research the next generation of COVID vaccines and what it’ll take to bring them to market.

Many Gen Zers are choosing milk alternatives over cow milk. The dairy industry is looking for ways to change that, including marketing milk as a sports drink.

Pentagon officials are scrambling to contain the fallout after a trove of leaked documents about the war in Ukraine started spreading across social media.

The PBS Frontline series “America and the Taliban” looks at four U.S. administrations’ worth of missteps, missed opportunities, and American hubris in the war in Afghanistan.