Nothing compares to Sinéad O’Connor: Singer dies at 56

“Even as a teenager, she’d be the person speaking out about injustices. And it was just something very innately in her. Particularly when she moved away from Ireland and could see the much larger injustices in the world, she certainly took it upon herself to use her privilege and her platform to try and raise awareness,” says Kathryn Ferguson, director of “Nothing Compares,” a documentary about Sinéad O’Connor. Photo credit: Andrew Catlin, courtesy of Showtime.

The family of musician Sinéad O’Connor announced today that she has died at age 56. The pop star became a pariah after criticizing the Catholic Church and its secrecy around child abuse. KCRW replays a conversation about the Showtime documentary “Nothing Compares,” that reflects that time in her life.

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