'Fast and Furious' House, South L.A. Violence and the American Dream

A recent poll shows that blacks and Latinos are far more optimistic about the “American Dream” than their white counterparts. Which might seem counterintuitive, given the heightened racial tensions in America.

Then, 2015 is turning out to be a violent year in many U.S. cities, and Los Angeles is no exception. More than 185 people have been killed so far this year. 39 people were killed just last month, making it the deadliest August in eight years. South L.A. is seeing more than its share of that violence.

If you’re planning a beach day this long weekend, one place you won’t be going is El Sol County Beach in Malibu. L.A. County bought it in 1974 with taxpayer money and a promise to preserve it for public recreation. However, El Sol has never been open to the public. That’s partly because of lawsuits by wealthy beachfront homeowners who want to keep it closed.

Finally, The Fast and the Furious came out 14 years ago, and it’s now one of the most successful film franchises ever. The franchise made big action stars out of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and the late Paul Walker. And they’ve made a star out of one ordinary house in Echo Park.