Four SoCal men have been killed by police in less than a week

Four Southern California men have been killed in confrontations with police in less than a week. In one of the recent shootings, LAPD officers were wearing body cameras. Body cams are seen by many as a valuable tool to reduce police violence – that officers will be less likely to shoot or assault a suspect if they know their actions are being recorded. But is that true? Then, Gordon Davidson, considered the patriarch of Los Angeles theater, has died. KCRW theater critic Anthony Byrnes worked with Davidson and joined Press Play for a remembrance. Next, for more than two decades, filmmaker Kirsten Johnson has traveled the world with her camera capturing footage for documentaries. Now, she’s cut some of that footage into a film of her own: a meditation on what it means to turn a camera on the world, aptly named “Cameraperson.” And finally, the true identity of the Italian novelist Elena Ferrante has, allegedly, been revealed, but many fans and other writers are not happy about it.

Image: A woman protests in the face of a police officer wearing a body camera as people protest the death of Alfred Olango, who was shot by El Cajon police Tuesday, by blocking traffic near the parking lot where he was shot in El Cajon, California, U.S. September 29, 2016. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon