Ghettoside, Marlborough Sex Offense Case, and Questioning D.A.R.E.

A former teacher at the prestigious Marlborough School for girls has been charged with four felony sex crimes. We discuss the backstory. Then, 260 people were murdered in the city of Los Angeles last year. Nearly half of the victims were black, despite the fact that blacks make up only eight percent of L.A.’s population. We talk with the author of Ghettoside. Plus, a non-profit group is suing California school districts for not giving students the amount of P.E. that the law requires. And some states are giving students foreign language credits if they take a computer coding class. Surprisingly, pro-coding education groups are against this policy. And we hear why D.A.R.E. and other in-school anti-drug programs are questionable.

Banner Image Credit: jondoeforty1