GOP Debate, and Inside the Broad Museum

The GOP presidential candidates gathered at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley yesterday. One of the hot topics was immigration. But they touched on a lot of issues during the three hour debate.

Then, it’s been quite a week for 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammed. He was arrested and handcuffed at his school in Texas, and now he has an invitation to meet President Obama at the White House. This is the kid who made a digital clock his teacher thought was a bomb.

Next, you’ve probably seen the outside of the brand new Broad Museum with its honeycombed, futuristic skin that envelops the building. Today, we go inside the museum for a sneak peak before the grand opening this weekend.

The Broad is trying to be a different kind of museum — no admissions desk, no security guards in the traditional "don’t touch" sense — they’re supposed to be more like guides, helping you understand the art. And the museum also hopes to jumpstart a different experience downtown.

Banner Image: Inside of the Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles; Credit: Jolie Meyers