Homeless Encampments, James Bond, and A Year of Prop 47

Homeless encampments in L.A. have spread far beyond Skid Row; some neighborhoods are struggling to manage big homeless populations they’ve never seen before. Sawtelle is not a place where you would’ve seen a lot of homeless people a few years ago. But Press Play producer Anna Scott recently went inside a huge encampment there.

And it’s been a year since Proposition 47 passed. That’s the measure that reduced some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. Some critics are blaming it for an increase in crime. They also say it reduces the incentive for drug users to enter court-ordered rehab.

Then, Spotlight is the name of the Boston Globe’s team of investigative journalists. It’s also the name of a new movie that opens today, based on the Spotlight team’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work in 2002 which exposed sexual abuse by Boston Catholic priests.

Finally: BOND. The newest installment of the franchise is out today, and the New York Times says: "There’s nothing surprising in Spectre." Does there need to be? Like its protagonist, the Bond series may be unkillable.

Banner Image: A homeless encampment in Sawtelle; Credit: Anne Scott