Love and immigration in film, curbing LA traffic with fees

Seung Ah Moon and Seung Min Yim appear in “Past Lives.” “The idea of In-Yun is about every relationship that you have in the world, and it can be as small as the person who brushes up against you in the street. And then you have to say, ‘Oh, sorry, excuse me’ that you walked by. But it can also be as deep as your mother, or the partner that you're with for 30 years,” says filmmaker Celine Song. Photo by Jin Young Kim.

Celine Song’s film “Past Lives” is about what happens when a girl from Korea emigrates and leaves behind her childhood sweetheart, and they reconnect decades later.

State Farm, the largest home insurance provider in the state, will no longer issue new policies. It’s a sign that climate change is upending the economics of housing.

With congestion pricing, the city would charge you for driving on busy roads or highways, maybe always or just during peak hours. LA Metro is expected to unveil details this summer.

Casey DeSantis is among the few people her husband Ron takes political advice from. That makes her, according to some close to the couple, both his greatest asset and weakness.

Automakers want to kill AM radio. Ford had plans to remove AM from all new vehicles starting next year, but backtracked after getting pressure from lawmakers.