Black deaths in horror films, pies for dinner, jittery US banking

“It's a Black man who is in that small farmhouse, kicking ass and taking names. We read him as such, we understand his relationship to those people, as a Black person, perhaps in a white space,” says author Robin R. Means Coleman of Duane Jones’ character in “Night of the Living Dead.” Credit: YouTube.

A new book called “The Black Guy Dies First: Black Horror Cinema From Fodder To Oscar” traces 50 years of Black characters and culture in scary movies.

What pies could constitute a full dinner? Consider a savory one with swiss chard for the main course, and a sweet one with rhubarb and raspberries for dessert.

The Sklar Brothers talk about Japan topping the U.S. in Tuesday night's World Baseball Classic, and March Madness.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, while juggling banking turmoil and ongoing inflation. What does this say about the health of the U.S. economy?